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Creating a Dynamic MOTD

If like me, you use a Raspberry Pi remotely from SSH a lot, be it a web server or network monitor it is always handy to have a quick eye on the running of it. This guide will put some handy outputs in the MOTD (Message Of The Day) upon logging in. The MOTD is commonly used to pass messages on to users of the server easily without the need… Read Article →

Setting up SAMBA file sharing on your network

This article carries on from Automatically mount multiple drives, so if you already have a folder to share (such as the home directory) carry on reading, otherwise it is recommended to go back and set up a drive to be shared. What we plan to achieve Having a Raspberry Pi on a network is great when browsing the internet or updating software, but sometimes the need to copy files and… Read Article →

Automatically mount multiple drives

If you are building your own file server, the chances are you would have multiple hard drives or memory sticks for storing all your files on. Raspbian, the recommended linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi doesn’t automatically mount new drives by default on Raspbian Wheezy, and on full Jessie is mounted to /media/pi. What we plan to achieve Using the Raspberry Pi as a file server is one of the… Read Article →