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Create Traffic Lights in Python

Introduction We are now going to look at controlling the outside world using your Raspberry Pi. There are lots of things a Raspberry Pi can control, such as lights, motors and buzzers. For this we are going to use a Pibrella add on, as it has everything we need on a little board that fits snugly on top of the GPIO pins. Using the Python language we will control the… Read Article →

Create a Reaction Timer in Python

Introduction Let us make our first game that tests your reflexes, a Reaction Timer. The aim of the game is to press the button as fast as you can once you hear the tone. The buzzer will sound after a randomly number of seconds so there will be no cheating, and your time will be displayed on the screen. Challenge your friends to see who can get the fastest time!… Read Article →

Installing Raspbian from an image

Raspbian is the recommended distribution for the Raspberry Pi, which is designed especially for the Raspberry Pi hardware. Included by standard is the Pi Store, Minecraft and Mathematica. Preparing the SD card Although not usually required, it is best to prepare your SD card by fully formatting it. Formatting an SD card ready to use Getting latest Raspbian Image First thing you will need to download is the entire Raspbian… Read Article →

Which Pi do I have?

To date, the Raspberry Pi foundation have released a various number of Raspberry Pi models, each have slight variations and improvements on the previous. Raspberry Pi Model B (Revision 1) This is the first Raspberry Pi released February 2012 Features Broadcom BCM2835 CPU, GPU and SDRAM 256MB of RAM Full size SD card 2 USB ports 10/100MBit/s Ethernet HDMI Output Composite Video Analog Audio 26 Pin GPIO Header Raspberry Pi… Read Article →

Formatting an SD card ready to use

The Raspberry Pi is at heart a fully functional computer, similar to a laptop or smart phone, and as with any computer it needs somewhere to store its information. Everything on the Raspberry Pi is stored on the SD card, this is effectively the Hard Drive. Take care of the SD card, if it gets lost or damaged there is no way to save your work that is done on… Read Article →