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Assembling the GPIO Splitter

Assembling the GPIO Splitter The GPIO splitter is a HAT sized extension to the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins, enabling debugging, prototyping or extending a project. The GPIO Splitter has labels for the BCM numbering, and board numbering. Check all the pieces To assemble the case, you will find: 1x PCB 1x Female header 1x Box male header 1x Male header Soldering Iron Preparation Check the placement of the headers, as… Read Article →

Soldering the M590 GSM/GPRS Module

The M590 module is a small and very compact module that is perfect for hiding away and providing feedback over SMS, or acting upon a phone call or text message containing a specific code. The module power itself is 5v, but the logic over the Transmit and Receive lines are 3.3v. Although perfect for a similar logic device such as a Raspberry Pi, a logic leveller such as a MAX232… Read Article →

Beginners Guide to Soldering

Beginners Guide to Soldering Soldering is a very handy skill required by every hardware hacker and maker to either make small changes, repair a project or build complete prototypes. Soldering isn’t a skill that can be learnt overnight, it takes like anything else quite a bit of practice, a lot of trial and error to perfect the art. Once mastered your skill will be used frequently from repairing frayed wires… Read Article →