Assembling the GPIO Splitter

Assembling the GPIO Splitter

The GPIO splitter is a HAT sized extension to the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins, enabling debugging, prototyping or extending a project. The GPIO Splitter has labels for the BCM numbering, and board numbering.

Check all the pieces

To assemble the case, you will find:

  • 1x PCB
  • 1x Female header
  • 1x Box male header
  • 1x Male header
  • Soldering Iron


Check the placement of the headers, as once soldering has begun it can be difficult to remove the headers. Although any variety of headers can be used at your own discretion – Such as all female headers if it makes prototyping easier, the following are provided:

  • Box header in the middle for jumper leads and ribbon cables
  • Male header to mimic the Raspberry Pi header on the board number pins
  • Female header to attach to the Raspberry Pi


Soldering is required to complete this kit, if you are new to soldering, this guide should help.

With the male headers in place, carefully flip the assembly upside down and being soldering each of the pins (80 in total!)

Once finished, flip over again and place the female header. Begin by soldering just 1 pin first to ensure the header is flush with the PCB, and reheat the pin to push the header against the PCB for a nice flush finish.

Finish off the remaining 39 pins of the header

Everything is complete, and is now ready to use.